Roads Are Becoming Safer; Unfortunately Not In Florida

The DOT released its annual report of Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes and the news was pretty good across the country. Automotive deaths decreased by 2.4% and fatal accidents involving impaired drivers decreased by 3.6%. That’s real progress and a deeper dive will probably reveal ride-sharing and the ease of using a service like Uber and Lyft rather than driving under the influence is likely saving lives. 

However, the news wasn’t as good in Florida. the state actually experienced a half percent increase in deadly accidents last year, bucking the national trend entirely. Yes, our population grew faster than the national average but that still doesn’t explain away the difference. Conversely, we did see a decrease in impaired driving deaths, although at 3.2% that was also below the national average. 

For now, I’ll take the good news where we can get it. It’s clear in Florida and across the country, fewer people are choosing to drive while intoxicated. That’s encouraging. If we can grow that trend, we’ll find Florida joining the rest of the country with fewer fatal accidents in the future.

Photo by: Getty Images



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