Q&A – The G7 Not Coming To Doral And Presidential Enrichment

Today’s entry - I wish you would discuss both sides of the issue. Not profiting. If there is a business and they get to have an event even with no profit. The place of business will profit just from immeasurable marketing for that business. I thought we were emptying the SWAMP. It opens up a path that we should not go down on the political scope. Let’s keep politics and personal business separate. I want to see the 11 other choices that were on the list, I’m sure they can come up with something without a politician's name or connection with it.

Bottom Line: I’ve been supportive of the idea of hosting the G7 at Trump National in Doral for two very selfish reasons. First, having the event hosted at cost saves taxpayer's money. Second, I want the marketing attention for Doral and South Florida. I want all the possible economic benefit for South Florida. It’s confounding to me that anyone who lives here wouldn’t. But then again people routinely vote against their economic interests, which is a whole other issue. But about your point of keeping a politician’s business interests separate from politics. It’s not possible. 

First, it should be noted that President Trump doesn’t own Trump National Doral. The Trump Organization does. So yes, there’s a connection as it’s the business he founded, but profits from the resort don’t go into Donald Trump’s pocket. Second, the impact of Presidential politics in the lives of our recent presidential families starts with the Clinton's. 

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s net worth when Bill became president was $700,000 in 1992. Today their estimated net worth is $242 million. That’s 345 times more money than prior to the presidency. Then there’s the Bush family. George and Laura Bush were worth an estimated $11.1 million when he became president. Today they’re worth $39.5 million. As for Barack and Michelle Obama, their estimated net worth was $1.3 million prior to becoming president. Today their estimated net worth stands at $40 million. That’s nearly 31 times more money than prior to becoming president. So, what about the Trump family? 

Donald and Melania Trump’s estimated net worth, according to Forbes, was $4 billion when he became president. Today it’s estimated to be $3.1 billion. Not only has he not profited off of the presidency, he’s absolutely correct when he says it’s cost him money. Aside from the fact that he donates his Presidential salary, he’s lost nearly a billion dollars while serving. That’s public service in the truest sense of the word. Don’t expect to ever hear that point established other news media. The average American is worth 8.4% more today than when he became president. If he simply performed as the average American has, he’d be worth $336 million more today. In other words, in under three years, he’s sacrificed more than $1.2 billion and you’re worried about positive PR for Doral? Really? The entire property isn’t even worth a third of what he’s lost as President, and again it's not even owned by him. These are facts. If you fight to keep the G7, at cost, from Trump National in Doral, all you’re doing is spending more of our tax money and losing additional economic opportunity in South Florida.

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