Florida Is Still Growing Jobs

Friday’s Florida jobs report brought more good news for Florida and specifically South Florida. According to the state, the scorecard from September in Florida added 215,000 jobs year over year. Plus, the unemployment rate was 3.2%, that's a 50 year low.

Both of those continue to be well better than the national average, even when you adjust for population. In fact, Florida’s job growth rate has been 75% better than the national average over the past year. Be mindful that the national unemployment picture is the best since 1969. And in South Florida, we continue to have exceptional growth and opportunities. The unemployment rate by county came in at 2.8% for Broward County, 3.1% for Miami-Dade and 3.2% for Palm Beach County.

Not only is Florida’s unemployment rate below the national average, but South Florida is also at or below the state's performance. That's great news all around. We’re seeing historical lows, especially for minority employment, play out all across South Florida right now. It's a great news story that keeps getting better. We have record employment and opportunity in South Florida right now.

Photo by: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images



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