Faith In And Out Of Schools; God’s Not Dead

It’s nothing new for me to discuss faith’s role in education, society, and outcomes. As a person of faith with a platform in a society that’s been progressively moving to remove all aspects of something greater than one’s self, I feel a responsibility to stand up to political correctness. As I’ve mentioned, even atheists benefit from the values of faith and God in our society. Morality, a sense of right and wrong, etc., are the basis for this country’s founding documents and our laws as a starting point for that conversation. Last week, I addressed research demonstrating a decline in educational outcomes and mental health linked with the removal of God from schools. The Pew Research Center has new insight demonstrating that while there’s a lot of work to do, many teens are still engaging with faith in and out of school. 

Pew studied teens 13-17 and found that:

  • 53% wear jewelry and/or clothing depicting their faith.
  • 39% pray before sporting events.
  • 26% invite others to worship with them.
  • 16% pray before eating meals at school.
  • 8% read religious texts at school.

That’s encouraging from where I sit and if your kids are inclined, I’d encourage you to encourage them to be leaders on campus, to engage their faith and share their faith with others. They’re not alone and they can help others. Many teens say they want to make a difference. There’s no greater difference they could make in other’s lives than this one.

Photo by: Getty Images



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