New Drive Time Records

Some records are good. Others aren’t. This is in the aren’t category. That is unless you like spending more time getting from place to place, which based on what you’re driving isn’t always a bad thing. But I’m guessing, generally speaking, you’d like to spend more time doing something other than commuting. Reality is, we’re spending more time than ever before just getting around. According to the Census Bureau, the average commute has once again reached a new record. 27 minutes to be exact. In fact, the average person now spends over 225 hours per year commuting. That's more than nine days a year simply getting to and from work. 

This is a trend. The average person spends 17 more hours a year commuting today than they did a decade ago.

There are a lot of positives about record employment and other related metrics. But something has to give, that something should be traffic. Add in housing affordability concerns in many large metros and you also have longer average commute times based on geography as well. Working from home, if you’re able to do it, looks more desirable than ever. 

Photo by: Rafal Olkis/Getty Images



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