Political Trends In South Florida

In yesterday’s Q&A, I mentioned that South Florida isn’t majority Democrat as far as voter registrations. That seemed to surprise some people, so I thought it was worth a follow up today. The voter registration in the tri-county area is this:

  • Broward:50% Democrat
  • Miami-Dade:42% Democrat
  • Palm Beach:42% Democrat

Despite representing the political party of choice for less than half of South Floridians, it still is the political party of choice based on plurality. But that longer-term trend has been changing. 

Where I think it surprises is that it feels like Democrats tend to dominate public offices in South Florida. The state has voter registration information available monthly going back to 1995. Looking back 24 years this is how the tri-county voter registration looked like:

  • Broward:54% Democrat
  • Miami-Dade:51% Democrat
  • Palm Beach:47% Democrat

So, over the past two decades, all of South Florida has experienced a decline in Democrat voter registrations.The trend is in and whereas South Florida’s voters once were most often Democrats; they no longer are and it’s a reminder to not take races for granted. Remember states like Michigan and Pennsylvania hadn’t voted for a Republican for President since 1988 until Trump in 2016. A lot has changed and continues to change. In South Florida, that change has been a separation from Democrat majorities resulting in a moderating political picture. 

Photo by: Getty Images



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