Florida's Medicare Fraud

It’s no surprise that fraud is bad in Florida. Earlier this year we learned that once again Florida is the top overall state for fraud. It’s like this. You have a better chance of becoming a victim of fraud in Florida than anywhere else. It’s not a surprise when you think about it. It comes down to opportunity for scammers. The mix of ethnicity, culture, languages and older than average demographics is a mix that scammers, unfortunately, use to mislead and exploit. Eligibility.com just produced a study of documented Medicare fraud over the past year and found that not only is Florida first in Medicare fraud, but 11 of the top 25 cities in the country for Medicare fraud are also in Florida. 

  • #25: Vero Beach
  • #24: Ocala
  • #22: Orlando
  • #21: Port St. Lucie
  • #15: Miami
  • #14: Tampa
  • #13: Gainesville
  • #12: Daytona Beach
  • #11: Melbourne
  • #5: Jacksonville
  • #1: Homosassa Springs

The average loss by a victim of a Medicare scam is $34,200. The two most common ways someone is victimized are by people posing as Medicare officials and offers of free testing, often genetic testing if you provide your Medicare information. In addition to being costly, Medicare fraud can even be deadly as medical charts are often conflated with someone else’s medical information. It’s a reminder for everyone that no matter what the situation happens to be, you should never provide any personal information unless you’ve initiated the contact with medical professionals. 

Photo by: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images



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