Want a Healthy Baby? - Abstain! (From booze)

People who want to start a family should skip the booze.

Research out of China recommends men should stop drinking alcohol six months before conception to protect the child against heart defects.

From StudyFinds.org: "Researchers from Central South University in Changsha, China say that if a father-to-be is drinking alcohol three months before conception, or during the first trimester of a pregnancy, their child will have a 44% higher risk of congenital heart disease. Alcohol consumption during that same time period among prospective mothers was associated with a 16% higher risk."

"Furthermore, binge drinking three months before conception was associated with an even higher birth defect risk; 52% among men, and 16% for women. For the purposes of the study, binge drinking was defined as five or more drinks in one sitting."

"All in all, Dr. Qin says the results of the study suggest that couples planning to start a family should stop drinking well before conception in order to give themselves the best chance of avoiding congenital heart disease and other birth defects. Dr. Qin recommends that prospective fathers cut alcohol consumption at least six months before conception, and moms-to-be should do the same a full year before conception."

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