Drinking Water May Be Key to Happiness

Does the "H" in H20 stand for "Happiness?"

New research suggests that you're three-times more likely to feel "very happy" if you believe that you're drinking enough water each day.

A company called O.Vine - makers of non-alcoholic, wine-flavored water, backed the study that polled 2,000 Americans.

According to StudyFinds, regardless of how much water each study participant was actually drinking each day, 67% of respondents who reported drinking “more than enough” water said they are “very happy.” Conversely, only 21% of those who said they “didn’t drink enough water” said they’re “very happy.”

Besides just feeling happier, a majority of those who drank 10+ glasses of water per day also reported feeling “very energetic” (82%). Two-thirds of this group also called themselves “successful.”

Most of the study participants (75%) said they are simply too busy to drink enough water. Other reasons listed by participants as to why they don’t drink enough water included not feeling thirsty all that often (44%), preferring other beverages (42%), simply forgetting (33%), not wanting to pay for bottled water (25%), being afraid of tap water (22%), and not enjoying the taste of water (19%).

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