Florida Has The Best Beaches

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is being a bad tourist in our own backyard. Travel the world and you’ll literally find people from all corners wishing for the day they can travel to Florida to experience our culture and beaches. It’s aspirational and it’s earned. As a water bug and a beach lover, I’ll be the first to suggest it's truly difficult to beat what Florida has to offer compared to anywhere in the world but especially in the United States. And everyone seems to agree. Trip Advisor's annual best beaches based on user ratings are in and the survey says that 70% of the best beaches are right here. Florida’s top ten are:

  • #9: Fort Lauderdale Beach
  • #8: St. Augustine Beach
  • #6: Siesta Key Beach
  • #5: Pensacola Beach
  • #4: St. Pete Beach
  • #3: Panama City Beach
  • #1: Clearwater Beach

As extensive as the list is, so is the geography. From the northeast, to the southeast to northwest Florida, we've got a top beach for everyone. If there are two things I think most South Floridians take for granted it's our beaches and parks. They're amazing, and often free. You can travel the world and not find anything better than what we have right here at home. Take advantage of it.



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