Benefits Of The Beach

It turns out that one of the best mental health treatments available is extremely cheap, often free in fact and very close to home in South Florida. The beach. I recently shared research with you indicating that 30 minutes in nature a day dramatically reduces stress and improves mental health for those who seek it. In the most comprehensive study of mental health involving nature to date comes this, being on the coast might be the best medicine for our minds of all. An English study (Exeter) of 26,000 people studied people who lived within two miles of the coast and those who lived farther away and found that living on or near the coast has long-lasting mental health benefits.

This was true of every demographic. Rich and poor. Black and white. You name it. The bottom line was that those living near the coast are more likely to spend more time outdoors enjoying their surroundings and nature. This ties back into the previous study demonstrating the mental health benefits of nature. A huge bonus is that it's generally free, or close to it. It’s rare that the best things in life appear to be free. But that’s the case here and once again, we're surrounded by opportunity.

Photo by: EVA MARIE UZCATEGUI/AFP/Getty Images



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