Web Critical of Man Who Does Nothing During Carjacking

A man is being taken to task for doing nothing while a crook carjacks his family car, but there's more to the story.

In video released by the Martin County Sheriff's Office, the man stands outside the passenger side of a car while a thief punches and pulls a woman out of the driver's seat.

The man appears to be frozen in time while the crook drives off in the car that has a child and the child's grandmother still inside.

The carjacking and kidnapping took place Sunday in Palm City when the family stopped for a break during their trip home to Miami after being at Walt Disney World.

The suspect let the grandmother and child out of the car a short time later and they weren't hurt.

The sheriff's office now confirms that the man in the video isn't the victim's husband, but her brother who suffers from a form of autism.

After a manhunt, Jaquay Marlon Jean, 21, was taken into custody in North Miami. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says Jean could face life in prison.

Image courtesy Martin County Sheriff's Office



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