Q&A – Are The Cases For Brenda Snipes And Susan Bucher Closed

Today’s entry - I heard on the news the DOJ is “Considering” whether to hand down an indictment on Mr. McCabe based the ability to obtain a fair trial based on the jury pool in the zip code of the crime. Are you kidding me? Seems to me, left-leaning corruption bears no consequences for conspirators and no justice for the victims. In this case, American Citizens. What about criminal indictments for Mr. Comey, Mr. Brennen, Mr. Clapper, Mr. Rosenstein, Ms. Lynch, Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Yates, Mr.Stzok, Ms. Page, Mr. & Mrs. Ohr, Ms. Rice, Ms. Mills? It seems to me, Federal Crime(s), should incorporate a Federal Jury pool.

Second, will there ever be criminal consequences for the illegal actions of Ms. Snipes and Ms. Bucher during the 2016 general election? I understand they are no longer in their positions. But this should not be the only punishment against these 2 women for the outrageous illegal activity you expertly reported. While there are state voting laws, they should be amended during National/General elections to include Federal Statutes and severe consequences.

Bottom Line:  Circumstances like these are the very reason that many Americans feel like we’re not equal under the law. It seems like once you’ve achieved a certain level of status in government office there aren’t consequences, especially if you’re left of center politicallyLet's start with the federal prosecutions over the “deep state” actors. 

Yes, there’s a very real chance there could be charges brought against McCabe and related officials involved in the Steel Dosier - FISA warrant conspiracy. I say that because there’s an active investigation underway and I can tell you with certainty that multiple administration officials feel it’s critical to have accountability for the level of perceived corruption that took place. There are those who’re worried about what might be attempted in the future if there’s no accountability for what took place in 2016. The DOJ is led by William Barr, he’s no lefty, so if charges aren’t brought against McCabe or anyone else, it's not due to specific political interest. Something that’s frustrating to many of us outside of the legal system is the desire for legal resolution. What’s more challenging is successfully prosecuting something along the lines of conspiracy. It’s generally not easy to prove, even if common sense would suggest it would be. With our legal system being based on presumed innocence there will always be a higher threshold to prove guilt than innocence with conspiracy being about as hard to prosecute as any crime. That leads me to your questions about the former Broward and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections.

No, there won’t be charges brought against Brenda Snipes or Susan Bucher. There’s not an active investigation into either of them. Yes, even the courts found during the recount process that laws were broken.This is why both were suspended from office but attempting to prove criminal intent, even if there was any, would be extremely difficult. The mindset at the state level was to remove the problem people, restore credibility, modernize equipment and implement best practices. I understand this might not be all that some desire, but I also understand why this was the chosen path. I’m extremely well versed in the details of both “cases” and I’m not sure there’s a path to prove intent – let alone the high threshold for a successful prosecution. 

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