Q&A – Federal Crimes Committed By Illegal Immigrants

Today’s entry -Are you sure the immigrant crime stats you cited does not include border violations/crimes and not violent crimes?? It's an easy way to fluff the stats and make a group of people look bad.

Bottom Line:This note is on back of my citing on Friday of breaking news from the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicating that 64% of all federal crimes are committed by illegal immigrants. In a separate story today, I'm addressing some of the finer points of the bombshell report depicting the average illegal immigrant being nearly ten times more likely to commit a federal crime compared to the average legal citizen in the US. The non-illegal entry federal crimes in which an illegal immigrant is more likely to commit them than the average legal citizen are fraud, smuggling, property crime, drug trafficking, and weapons trafficking.

In each of those instances, an illegal immigrant is at least 300% more likely to commit one of those crimes than the average legal citizen. Your question was a bit subjective, so it’s up to you to decide if these crimes make illegal immigrants “look bad”. I certainly think so but then again, I think illegally entering this country is bad. We have laws for a reason. Deliberately violating them is a problem for me and I would imagine many who believe in the rule of law. Ironically, many of the strongest gun control advocates are aligned with the same politicians and policies that aid in bringing exponentially more fraud, human trafficking, drug trafficking but also illegal weapons into our country. Makes you wonder if they're interested more in solutions or political agendas.

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