Illegal Immigrants Are Almost 10x As Likely To Commit A Federal Crime

In what should have been the biggest news story on Friday, new data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed the most alarming information relating to illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants, or “non-citizens” as the report identifies them, are nearly ten times more likely to commit a federal crime than the average American. Non-citizens are 7% of the estimated population and non-citizens account for 64% of federal arrests.

That makes non-citizens 914% more likely to commit a federal crime than the average American. Imagine how much less crime we would have if we didn’t have an illegal immigration crisis. What crimes are we talking about? The top crimes prosecuted are 28% of all federal fraud, 25% of property crimes and 24% of all drug trafficking arrests.

More than a quarter of all federal fraud is now coming from illegal immigrants. Nearly a quarter of drug trafficking is as well. For years a false narrative has been spun by interest groups and politicians who support open-borders agendas, that illegal immigrants are law-abiding even more so than the average American. Aside from the inherent dishonesty associated with suggesting someone in the country illegally is law-abiding, clearly the notion is utter nonsense. The top country of origin for illegal immigrants committing federal crimes was/is Mexico at 40%.

All interest groups and politicians including those in South Florida, who’ve advocated for the status quo regarding illegal immigrants, should have to account for this information. We should have answers as to why it is that they feel it’s acceptable to subject us to the abundance of crime and malfeasance they bring to our communities and country. We should also take heart in Florida’s decision to enforce sanctuary policy against politicians who’re so willing to put their communities at risk in the name of their own political agendas. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America

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