No WiFi Would Ruin Vacations for Many

Almost half of Americans say their vacation would be ruined if they didn't have access to Wi-Fi. Other "vacation killers" include a loss of luggage, good poisoning, bad weather, and a lost credit card.

Streaming company Roku sponsored the survey that found 75% of Americans consider Wi-Fi access at a vacation rental an absolute must. Compare that to the 61% who sad air conditioning was a "must-have."

Read more about the study here.

Researchers listed the top 13 things that respondents felt were the biggest vacation disasters:

1. Lost luggage (54%)

2. No internet access (49%)

3. Food poisoning (47%)

4. Consistent bad weather (47%)

5. Lost credit card (44%)

6. Bad/unsafe location (43%)

7. Lost passport/ID (40%)

8. Got sick (sore throat, etc.) (40%)

9. Air conditioner breakage (38%)

10. Plumbing breakage (38%)

11. Lost reservations (33%)

12. Missed/delayed flight (33%)

13. Terrible traffic (33%)

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