The Magic Number Of Push-Ups For Men's Health

This study was released in February and I just found it. But hey, I figured if it’s new and compelling to me, plus there’s a good chance it’s useful to you. A ten-year study of fitness and exercise in men conducted by Harvard researchers had an interesting takeaway. One’s ability to perform push-ups is more closely linked with heart disease than one’s ability to run/walk.

Given that’s the case, there’s a magic number of push-ups that come into play to separate the men from the, well men with a much higher risk of heart disease. That number is 40. Men who can perform 40 consecutive push-ups have a 96% lower risk of suffering from heart disease within ten years. 

Those are big numbers and if applied, it makes sense. If you’re a combination of out-of-shape and or overweight, the ability to perform 40 or more push-ups consecutively is nil. Those two factors contribute significantly to heart risk. What the 40+ push-ups represent is probably a good fitness/weight barometer if you’re attempting to maintain a reasonably healthy lifestyle. 

So, get down and give me 40! For your health.

Photo by: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

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