Trends In Booze Means Gin Up, Beer Down

The first bit of surprising news is that we actually drank less booze last year, according to the ISWR’s annual report. Worldwide we bought 1.6% less booze. So, what’s in and what’s out if you’re looking to plan the perfect party this to close off this summer?

IN: Gin & Whiskey

OUT: Beer & Vodka

Unchanged: Wine, Rum & Tequila

Generally speaking, our boozing binges aren’t expected to stay down long. In fact, the ISWR anticipates we’ll rebound from last year’s decline this year but what’s not changing are the trends. 

Over the next several years, Gin is anticipated to be the hottest beverage with a growth of greater than 20% over the next three years. Next up is whiskey which is expected to remain on-trend with wine-growing slightly over where we are today. Beer’s been declining for years and only the evolution of craft beer has slowed the trend. Not even the craft beers can stop the current shift underway. In a nutshell, we’re drinking less, but more potent alcohol, with higher quality Gin and Whiskey being the most sought desired. Adding those to your bar shelves will set you up for the perfect summer party bar, for this year and the next several.

Photo By: Getty Images

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