Joe Biden better, but still criticized and mistake-prone in 2nd Debate

Joe Biden had a better debate last night than he did in June. But he didn't manage to be mistake free, and the one he made at the end of last night was a whopper.

Check out what he said in his closing last night.

He meant to say, “text Joe30330.”

Now if you went ahead and typed '' into a web browser brought you to a fundraising page for South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg's campaign. 

However a few minutes later that website changed. It redirected you to the website of 21-year-old Joshua Fayer, a public relations major at Syracuse University. His website says that he’s "'not joshin’ you’ about running for president." Fayersaidhe originally launched as an April Fool's Day joke earlier this year. 

If you send a text to Joe30330 now, you will get a fundraising pitch from the Biden campaign, asking for support and to donate to his campaign.

Biden was also criticized for this comment to Senator Kamala Harris as they walked on stage.

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