Q&A – Robert Muller, Donald Trump & Illegal Immigrants

Today’s entry - If Democrats are going to use the phrase “No one is above the law,” then why do they oppose sending back illegals?

Bottom Line: By now you know that in one of the least surprising outcomes ever, the Mueller testimony was nothing. Where we are today is where we were before. Save an additional question about just how involved Robert Muller was in creating his own report or even reading his own report. Anyway, the point being made was based on an exchange by Rep. Sylvia Garcia with Robert Mueller: 

Garcia: "What if I had made a false statement to an investigator on your team? Could I go to jail for up to five years?" 

Mueller: "Yes. Although, it's Congress, so."

Garcia: "Well, that's the point, though, isn't it? That No one is above the law. Not you. Not the Congress. And certainly not the president."

Now, aside from the fact that Mueller nailed her with a zinger which was probably the funniest moment of the day, even in that factual statement from Representative Garcia, we’re exposed to a double-standard. That on the law that applies even more to the president than you, that’s one. We already know the inherent disinterest inequitable treatment under the law. Hillary Clinton committed illegal acts and Representative Garcia and friends had zero interest in anything other than electing her president, that the law certainly applies to. 

But to the specific point illustrated in the tweet. Every member of Congress who’s fixated on holding Donald Trump accountable for laws that the Department of Justice said he didn’t break but Hillary Clinton and her deep-state allies did that brought the fraudulent Trump Russia collusion narrative in the first place are disingenuous hypocrites. Every member of Congress who’s interested in holding Donald Trump accountable under the law but fights for those who’ve broken it by illegally remaining in this country after having been ordered for deportation are also hypocrites. 

They care so little about the rule of law and our country that they would rather take out a president that didn’t break the law, as determined by our legal system, than illegal immigrants who did as determined by our legal system. 

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