Study Shows Money Doesn't Equal Happiness In Your Career

Money doesn’t equal happiness is cliché. It’s also only partially true. Research has shown that having at least enough money to be comfortable is the key to one’s happiness. However, this story is compelling in a similar but different way. According to the latest research from Glassdoor, the most satisfying careers according to those who’re working clearly isn’t based on earning the most money. In fact, the 2nd highest ranked profession will probably shock most people. The top five in percentage of those satisfied with their careers are:

  • #1 Firefighters: 90% 
  • #2 Mine cutting and channeling machine operators: 80%
  • #2 Pediatricians: 80%
  • #4 Communications professors: 79%
  • #4 Guidance Counselors: 79%

The average salary for firefighters is $50,000, which is just about the national average income. But clearly, it’s not about the money. Based on the rest of the list, that’s safe to say. By the way, be glad you aren’t a mail clerk unless you are one. Only 25% of them are happy. How bad is that? Even 34% of telemarketers are satisfied. 

Photo by:Getty Images/iStockphoto



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