Global Warming Alarmists Wrong About South Florida

Yesterday the activist organization of scientists known as the Union of Concerned Scientists put out their latest dire global warming forecast for the country and South Florida tops the list for impact. Now, my calling them an activist organization isn’t my characterization, it's theirs. Yet, if you came across their dire predictions, you wouldn't have that context presented to you. Something else you haven’t had presented to you is how incredibly wrong they, and the related scientific doomsayers have been. 

Here’s how this works. They create models that show man-made factors are the biggest factor in climate change, whip people and politicians up into a frenzy. Get people, organizations and government grants donated to your organization and they wash and repeat. What never happens is accountability. There’s a reason I start climate-change discussions off with this scientific fact: Earth has had a minimum of three mass extinction events prior to man. We know empirically through actual science that we’ve had mass extinction events of both extreme heat and cold. That’s incredible climate change on earth before we were here with our carbon footprints. 

On that basis alone, anyone who suggests that what we’re doing is more powerful than earth’s natural climate change is a literal science denier. We’re nowhere close to doing to this planet, what nature did to itself before us. On that note. Here’s a fact check for these pseudo-scientific predictions. A scientific study of global warming predictions in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change studied 117 predictions made over a decade. 114 over-estimated near-term temperature rises. That’s right, only 2.5% of near-term temperature estimates didn’t over project temperature rise. That means they’re wrong 97.5% of the time. The average miss over-estimated the rate of temperature increase by 285%. 

Now, if you were wrong nearly 98% of the time at work and off by an average factor of three how long would you have a job? Who would take you seriously? This is the latest illustration of how fake our news is and how corrupted climate science has become. 

Photo by: Scott Olson/Getty Images



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