Study Shows Women Want A Chivalrous Guy

This isn’t just another story about how women don’t really consider the “bad boys” marriage material. That’s been long known. In fact, I’ve found it funny over the years to hear my wife and her friends talk about those guys in school and how commonly they refer to them in less than flattering terms down the road. As I’ve come to understand there are few things less cool than being that guy in high school and still attempting to be that guy twenty or thirty years later. 

The most comprehensive study of marriages to date, a 20-year study of thousands of married couples, published in the Journal of Research and Personality, shows that the best marriages, the happiest marriages, are those in which our partners are conscientious and considerate. Further illustrating the point that the least successful and most unhappy marriages were/are those with someone who’s extroverted and/or neurotic. Those traits are connected to people who are among the most self-centered and least considerate of their partners. 

It’s completely logical research demonstrating that there’s still a place into today’s PC world for chivalry. In fact, that’s a good vetting process. According to the research, the people offended by it aren’t the people you want to spend much time with, let alone marry.

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