Most Americans Say No To Free Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants

Ten of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates, including Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris said they supported Healthcare for illegal immigrants. This shows we’ve entered a new era of politics. One in which illegal immigrants are granted greater rights than American citizens, at least if Democrats control the government in the future. While Democrats running for president are on board with the notion, a solid majority of Americans aren’t. 

According to CNN/SSRS’s polling, Americans reject the notion of providing free healthcare for illegal immigrants by a 59 to 38 margin. Clearly, we’re continuing to see policy raceway to the left of a mainstream American perspective. What’s important to note is the reason why this was even brought up as a debate topic. California just voted to do this for young illegal immigrants. It’s already a policy in the largest state in the country. 

What’s also evident is that while most Americans reject the notion, 38% isn’t an insignificant number. Something I’ve tracked over time has been the impact of politicians steering public opinion on issues rather than American interests being upheld by elected politicians. Regardless of our own political leanings and preferences on specific issues, something I caution against is yielding our own concerns in lieu of the political interests of politicians. As a representative republic, politicians are elected to reflect our interests and advocate for them, not to drive public opinion on policy. That appears to be what’s happening for that 38%. I can’t imagine that the average American concerned with the cost of their own healthcare feels that they should also be paying for the healthcare of those who’ve illegally entered our country. 

Photo by: Getty Images North America



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