In Politics And In Life Capitalism Still Wins

The theme of socialism being “mainstreamed” started with the Occupy Wall-Street movement nearly nine years ago. It gained momentum under Bernie Sanders four years ago and has become mainstream politics in the Democratic party today. The truth is that it’s been rooted in our education establishment far longer. But as we’re at the onset of the presidential election process that’s rife with themes of socialism, there’s this. In life and in politics capitalism still wins. 

According to the Pew Research Center, 65% of all Americans, including a majority of Democrats, still view capitalism favorably. At times, especially with the left-leaning bend in South Florida politics, it can feel like you’re in the minority but you’re not. Not even down here. In fact, it’s going to be South Florida’s legal immigrants who eventually save this country from traveling down the failed path of socialism. Just like last fall when Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott won in an election cycle favorable for Democrats because many Hispanics broke for them at the top of the ticket, out of concerns about socialism, it’s likely to be more of the same in the future. Importantly, to create political change within a party, it has to come from within. 

Republicans won’t change Democratic politics. But Democrats who don’t vote for Democrats who embrace socialism can and at some point, will if Democrats lose elections running on socialism. That’s my message, especially for Democrats. If you’re with the majority of even those in your party, reject socialism within your party and with all candidates to attempt it. Democrats, Republicans, NPA’s, there genuinely is more than unites us than divides us. Socialism isn’t what led the United States to become the world’s superpower in about 150 years. It isn’t what’s led to the highest quality of life and opportunity in the world. Capitalism is. Vote that way, especially if you’re a Democrat. Take back your party, think like JFK. You can make the most meaningful difference. 

Photo by: Getty Images

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