Research Shows Big Hygiene Issues In The Workplace

It’s safe to say we are generally better off if more people were at least conscientious when it comes to hygiene. Especially when you see the person who bypasses the faucet on the way out of the recently used facility. New research shows how big of a deal workplace hygiene issues are for most of us. According to a study from Stratus Building Solutions, workplaces are often a little shop of horrors when it comes to hygiene. 

The research found that 33% complain of smelly colleagues in the office, 61% say they have co-workers who never wash their hands after using the bathroom and over 90% say their productivity is compromised by a dirty office and/or poor hygiene.

We’re a generally gross society, aren’t we? These problems and others have proven to be such a deterrent to workplace success that a quarter of us have either left a job due to these types of issues or are considering doing so. At least at this moment, I don’t feel so alone but here’s the thing. If 90% of us say productivity is impacted by dirty work spaces and/or coworkers, how many people aren’t looking in the mirror? Perhaps that’s the place to start.

Photo by: Getty Images

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