Home Cooked Food For Your Pets Might Be Killing Them

As someone who loves his cats, I know want the best for them. We love our pets and we want what’s best for them. That means when it comes to food, leave it to the pros. A study conducted by the University of California, of the 114 most popular homemade cat food recipes online was revealing and at times alarming. A few of the key takeaways were that 20 lacked any comprehensive nutrition needed by a cat, 68 provided incomplete or unhealthy feeding instructions and 46 didn’t provide any feeding instructions. Moreover, all 114 lacked the full basic nutrition needed by a cat, including those created by vets. Lastly, 8 included ingredients toxic for cats.

Speaks for itself, right? And here’s the thing. I’ll tell you that buying the right food for your cat and pets, in general, makes a difference. About a year and a half ago after battling a few health issues with the cats after Irma, I studied the best possible food for each of the cats based on their breed and age. Both for dry and wet food. The food makes as much of a difference for them as it does for us. Just because you use stuff that seems to be organic and healthy doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Do your homework, buy the good stuff, but leave it to the experts. And these days, with Chewy and the like, it’s super easy to buy whatever’s best from wherever it’s produced. 

Photo by: Chris McGrath/Getty Images



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