US Energy Independence For Americans & Venezuelans

BP’s annual review of world energy put an exclamation point on American energy independence. Remember the days when all you needed to hear were the words OPEC or Iran and you knew you’d be paying 20 cents more a gallon at the pump next week? Do you realize how little OPEC even matters anymore or how our standoff with Iran and severe sanctions with Venezuela have no negative impact on the price at the pump? There’s a significant reason behind it that you’re not likely to hear make headlines in mainstream news media. America's incredible energy independence. Over the past three years, the US has gone from the third biggest producer of energy to number one. Yes, ahead of Saudi Arabia and Russia. In fact, according to BP’s review, we increased per day oil production in the US by 2.2 million barrels per day last year alone. 

As was pointed out by BP, that’s the largest one-year increase by any country in history. Amazing what happens when you get rid of crippling BS regulations. Notice how the sky hasn’t fallen over the past year while that happened. But, what has happened as a result is that we don’t need OPEC. We don’t have to give a rat’s rear end if they chanted “death to America” in the Iranian government today. Mother Russia is anything but our energy mother. As for Venezuela, a critical component of attempting to peacefully have Maduro’s regime collapse is to economically starve him out. When we were buying his oil that wasn’t possible. Now that we aren’t, it is. It helps us help Venezuelans in the process. America’s energy independence is good for us but it’s also great for freedom in the rest of the world.

Photo by: SCOTT HEPPELL/AFP/Getty Images



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