Gov. DeSantis Is One Of The Country's Most Popular Governors

Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t just Florida’s most popular politician, he’s one of the country’s most popular governors. That’s saying something when we’re talking about any politician from our very evenly divided state. In the early weeks of Governor DeSantis’s administration, he posted record-high approval ratings in our state. Impressive, especially given the deeply negative and close election cycle he concluded. But still, the actions he took up to that point were within his control and he hadn’t had the political backdrop of a state session and hard issues he had to advocate for and win on to deliver on promises. If you want to know how hard that can be, just talk to any number of state legislators of the prior eight years. 

Well, as Governor DeSantis concludes his first state session and is currently signing off on the final pieces of legislation he’s passing into law in Florida, he’s doing so with still remarkably high approval ratings. Morning Consult keeps up with approval ratings for Governor’s across the country and Governor DeSantis is currently the 11th most popular in the country among us.

He currently sports a 54% approval rating with a net positive rating of +34%. There are only one in five Floridians who disapprove of his performance. This is so impressive, I’m not even sure he could have envisioned it working out so well thus far. For those who’ve wondered if Governor DeSantis may one day have presidential aspirations, if he keeps this up the answer is an emphatic yes. As an aside, the country’s top eleven governors are all Republicans, and four of which are in traditionally blue states.

Photo Credit: Governor's Press Office 

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