Florida Recap – Today's Highlights From Around The State

Here's a recap of the some of the biggest news from around the state that impact you in South Florida. Today Leon County Circuit Court Judge Charles Dodson is hearing a case that challenges Flordia’s ban on local governments imposing gun control measures that are stricter than the legal state standard.

The MSD Safety Commission identified that 200 schools statewide have not complied with the MSD School Safety Act requiring at least one-armed security officer per school. Education Commissioner Richard Cocoran said he’ll reveal the names of all non-compliant schools on August 1st if they haven’t taken corrective action in advance of the upcoming school year.

Lastly, after surprisingly reducing his bond from $102,000 to $39,500, Scot Peterson posted bail and was released from Broward County Jail. Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer also removed the previous requirement that Peterson wear a GPS monitor and will be allowed to go to his home in North Carolina.

Photo by:Getty Images

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