Study Shows We Use Mobile Devices More Than TV

There are more days than not that I don’t turn on a TV. Even three years ago, I turned one on every single day without fail. What about you? Are you watching as much TV as you used to? Odds are, no, not even close. 

For the first time on record, we’re officially spending more time on mobile devices than watching TV. According to the new study from eMarkeeter, Just five years ago we spent an average of four hours and twenty minutes daily watching TV. Today, that's down by 45 minutes per day. And you can draw a straight line over to our mobile devices. Our mobile use is up to three hours and eleven minutes per day from five years ago and now surpasses our TV use. 

Even when you’re watching TV. Are you watching TV? Probably not. More than half of us “watch” TV with a mobile device in hand. I remember the conversations many years ago when I was warning businesses that they should build their websites to perform best on mobile devices because that’s where the majority of people would be reaching them online. We reached that point a few years ago. Around that time, I was pointing out that online video would soon be TV and as streaming becomes a thing, what’s next? 

We’re only a few years away from a time in which the only “live” TV we'll consume is news and sports. The only two things that as consumers we want and need in real time. Get ready for the beginning of the end for most TV channels. We started out with just a few. It grew to hundreds. In a matter of years, it’ll be closer to where it started than where it peaked.

Photo by: Getty Images

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