New Florida ID's Go High Tech

Florida’s first in fraud. It’s not exactly our top selling point. In the ongoing effort to attempt to keep bad guys at bay, Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has implemented another noticeable change to state issued ID’s aimed at preventing ID fraud. 

Last month, we were told a new, higher tech license began to be rolled out in our state, as part of an initiative that began in 2017. they mentioned that by the end of August, all new ID’s issued will reflect the changes. So, what’s different? Well, let's start with the pictures. They will be on a transparent background making them far harder to fake. New ID's will include a tactile integration making it possible to spot fakes by just touching them. Also, each type of license will be in different colors. Lastly, the magnetic strip will be eliminated and it'll have UV ink.

As for your current license or ID, there’s nothing actionable for now. While the state left open the possibility that they may mandate that all Floridians may have to change out their ID’s, they’ve stopped short of going there for now. The current guidance is that our existing ID’s will be phased out based on the expiration dates. 



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