Study Shows The Key To A Happy Marriage Is God

In today’s society, it’s an opportunity to share information that helps make a difference. I don’t think it’s possible to achieve happiness in life without God. It’s why there’s so much truth to the saying that money can’t buy happiness. God and faith don’t come with price tags. On one hand, notice how many wealthy people are miserable and on the other how many relatively poor people are happy. You might even say there’s a biblical connection between the two. What matters most is priceless. 

The Institute for Family Studies along with the Wheatley Institution studied marriages across 11 countries including Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, Colombia, France, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, the United Kingdom, and the United States. During the study, 5,000 families were analyzed across the spectrum and the conclusion was certain. Those with the best marriages, the happiest people and the largest families were all religiously engaged. Those who were least happy with their marriages, life generally and the smallest families lacked a belief system. 

There were numerical elements to their study but to summarize the average difference in the outcome, it’s about 25%. In other words, couples connected by their faith average being 25% happier with their marriages, life, and families, which were also a quarter larger on average. Aside from the affirmation for families that prioritize their faith, it might also provide a bit of a road map for those who aren’t happy or where they want to be in life. If your marriage isn’t where you want it to be, could this serve as a reminder of something that might be missing or lacking? If you’re seeking a relationship but aren’t dating the right people, have you prioritized your faith and looked for like-minded people? Being closer to your faith could lead you to a happier life and the right person.




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