Freedom Of Speech Not Taught Or Allowed On College Campuses

In many ways, it's remarkable that at a time of greater access to information and with freedom of expression at its highest exercised level ever, that fewer young Americans don’t appreciate what they’ve been handed. I've addressed my concerns about an alarming percentage of the country that now believes socialism would be good for the United States. I blamed the education establishment for creating two generations of Americans that clearly don’t a clue of American history, world history or even current geopolitics. While the PC thing to do is talk about teachers being underpaid heroes while blaming life’s ills on police brutality, I’m more convinced that PC society has never been more wrong. Our police are the underpaid heroes and the education establishment led by rank and file teacher’s union participants are the problem. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are good teachers and trust me, I’m more grateful for them than ever but it’s increasingly not the norm. There’s no way that any proper education in the United States of America would result in 4 in 10 recipients believing socialism would be good for the country. There’s also no way that any proper education in the United States would result in more than 4 in 10 college students believing that the United States of America shouldn’t protect the freedom of expression. But that’s exactly where we are currently. 

According to the Knight Foundation’s latest work, 41% of college students don't believe that “hate speech” shouldn't be protected. Now think about that one for a moment. Anyone care to ask these anti-American college students who gets to decide what hate speech is? I wonder if President Trump got to be the decision maker if they’d feel differently? This story is further confirmation of what I’ve already suspected. More than a third of college students haven’t been taught the importance of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. Imagine what else they don’t know. It pains me that I pay obscene taxes to pay for an education establishment that undermines our freedom. 

It’s more important than ever before for you to provide additional/continuing education with your kids. To simply turn them loose into the education establishment today provides a greater than 40% chance that they’ll think we should abolish freedom of expression and adopt socialism. Again, it's about school choice. We need to break the back of the education establishment to evoke positive change in a system that teaches, rather than indoctrinates. There’s nothing acceptable about generations of students being taught that the government controlling the means of production is better than you and me and that the very premise of the founding of our country should be eradicated. But that’s what’s happening. 

Photo by: Win McNamee/Getty Images



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