DNA Border Testing; Some Not Real Family Units

As the border crisis continues to spiral out-of-control, additional insight into human tragedies are playing out by those attempting to game our immigration system. During my expose on the plan to transport illegal immigrants to South Florida, I highlighted the role played once again by open borders caravan organizer Pueblo Sin Fronteras. The most recent focus has been on “family units”. They’ve been granted priority in the asylum process. In fact, had the transporting of illegal immigrants to Broward and Palm Beach Counties moved forward, they all would have been “family units”. The reason I continue to put family units in quotes is because often they’re not. 

Rapid DNA testing has begun at the southern border and it's being administered by ICE. The early results are showing what had previously been suspected. Approximately one in three children are used to create a “family unit”and aren’t related to the parent(s) claiming them as their child. This sheds light on the other devastating effect of the work of Pueblo Sin Fronteras to promote this process and for Customs and Border Patrol to prioritize “family units”. What it really does is put women and children at risk of being sold and/or stolen into human trafficking. 

For those who don’t seek to actively stop the premise of this process, which begins with securing the southern border, they’re contributing to the proliferation of human trafficking of women and children at the southern border. President Trump’s immigration and border positions support limiting the incentive for the trafficking of women and children at the southern border. Those opposing the president’s effort to secure the southern border and reform the immigration system are contributing to the trafficking of women and children. 

Photo by: Mario Tama/Getty Images



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