Q&A – Illegal Immigration Plus The 2020 Census

Today’s entry - I feel enormously satisfied that our voices were heard and that our government representatives are so decisive and quick to act. Also, kudos to President Trump to see the nonsense in this ridiculous policy. Send them to California and New York and New Jersey instead. It also emphasizes how attentive we must be because the legacy establishment will constantly try to upend our normal lives in the name of social pseudo-progress.

Bottom Line: I appreciate the support more than you know. It’s truly the only reason I have an opportunity to do what I do. Also, making your voice heard from Ireland is certainly doing your part and then some. 

To your point, Governor DeSantis was extremely responsive. Rep. Mast didn’t play a specific role in this outcome though he was certainly among those outraged by the covert plan crafted by bureaucrats without the knowledge of our governor or the president. But I do want to caution against the sentiment you’ve expressed about sending illegal immigrants to other states. 

First, from a point of security, permitting undocumented individuals in the country period is a potential national security risk. It’s not safe for us in South Florida even if they’re relocated to another state and it certainly isn’t safe for the citizens of those states. Second, allowance of this type of destination catch and release is devasting financially to the federal government, as most illegal immigrants wind up on federal government assistance. It’s also potentially devastating to local taxpayers left holding the bag to provide for people literally left without any resources on their doorstep. Third, the success of this type of tactic will only encourage organizations like Pueblo Sin Fronteras' efforts to overwhelm our system and reshape the political makeup of our country. Fourth, it can be politically devastating. 

I’m going to side-step the question of whether illegal immigrants are voting in certain cities and states, we know for a fact it’s sanctioned in California. Opting instead to simply speak of the impact on the Census. Regardless of whether the Census “citizenship” question clears the SCOUTS, illegal immigrants can be counted. Already this year detentions at the southern border have equaled the size of Wyoming at just over 500k. That means enough population to impact Congressional districts across the country and the number of Electoral College votes a state receives for the next decade. 

This is where even the president’s joking about sending illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities and states isn’t helpful. There are some politicos that’d be more than happy to accommodate them. That’s why it’s happening in certain locations around the country already. Public officials on the ground in those states that are happy to take the risk because for them the political ends justify the means. It’s simply that we were able to expose this in Florida before it was too late. Be careful what you ask for, in the name of politics you might get it.

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