Broward And Palm Beach Ground Zero For Illegals

Recently I brought you the update that we’ve already had more border detentions in 2019 than all of 2018. That the total number of asylum seekers in the pipeline is more than the total number in the prior 15 years preceding 2018. Yet, the national emergency declared by President Trump, the crisis defined by Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security has largely been ignored by most news media and politicized by Democrats. The problem is it’s real. And it’s about to hit South Florida if something doesn’t change quickly. 

For the past year, throughout a series of stories, I brought you information about Pueblo Sin Fronteras. They’ve provided resources and often transportation for the caravans coming to the US. Additionally, they’ve provided coaching, including handing out index cards with what to say if they’re detained at our border. They're taught to claim they’re asylum seekers when there’s really no legitimate claim. Mainstream news media has ignored these facts and Democrats in Congress care more about political power than they do addressing the issue. If you didn’t care before, you’re about to be made to in South Florida. 

The Border Patrol hatched a plan to offload 500+ illegal immigrants detained at the South West border per month into both Broward and Palm Beach counties indefinitely. What’s more is it appears as though they were attempting to quietly implement this plan, perhaps counting on the perceived left-leaning politics of the two counties to keep you from being aware of it happening until after it was already underway. That was a miscalculation. As of now, the Border Patrol out of Miami is giving us the runaround. But I’ll be clear. This is their plan thrust onto us. I mentioned the coaching of Pueblo Sin Fronteras earlier. It comes into play here too. Recently they’d been advertising on radio in the countries they’d been recruiting for the caravans in previously. The wrinkle this time was the promise of destinations like Florida. 

The reason the illegals destined for South Florida are set to come here is because they told Border Patrol agents who apprehended them it was their intended destination. Not kidding. That easy. Once they touch US soil, we have to process them. With the system bogged down and detention facilities full all along the border, this is the chosen alternative. A version of the catch and release you've heard so much about. Now, what will happen with these asylum seekers once they get here? Good question. Other than being dropped off at the ports there isn’t an answer. 

We’ve got about a week to make this stop. Governor DeSantis, Senators Rubio and Scott are aware. We need pressure on the South Florida Democrats in Congress who’ve been obstructionists to border solutions. 

Photo by: HERIKA MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images



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