Study Shows Most Annoying Workplace Distractions

One of the biggest jokes in my daily life that’s true, is that after spending about ten hours at the office each day, I go home to work. It comes up quite a bit because many people think that when I’m going home, it’s because I’m done with work. Actually, when it comes to show prep and content, I need to leave work to be able to work. The reason? Workplace distractions! It’s not always the “fault” of someone. Some distractions are legitimate. However, they are there and there’s nothing about them that leads to hours of concentration and focus. Odds are, distractions at work are an issue for you too. Plantronics just wrapped up a comprehensive workplace study of more than 5,000 people and found the most common causes of workplace distraction. See how many sound familiar to you.

  1. A co-worker talking loudly on the phone
  2. Co-workers talking nearby
  3. Phone rings or alerts
  4. Office celebrations (birthdays, retirement, new babies, etc.)
  5. Nearby group meetings
  6. Visiting children
  7. Team games across the office
  8. Visiting family members (other than children)
  9. Tables games (table tennis, football, video games, etc.)
  10. Pets in the office

I started laughing out loud. Every one of these applies and hence why I leave the office to go to work.

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