Immigration Crime Is The #1 Federal Offense

Crimes aren’t created equal. There’s a big difference between say petty theft and committing a federal offense. On back of our border crisis, there’s a new, clear, top federal offense. The US Sentencing Commission is out with its annual report and the new top federal crime is related to illegal immigration. 34.4% of federal prosecutions are now related to illegal immigration and we’re not just talking about illegal immigrants detained and deported. We’re talking about crimes committed to provide for illegal immigration in many cases.

According to the Sentencing Commission, these are the crimes represented: “trafficking in U.S. passports, trafficking in entry documents, failure to surrender naturalization certificate, fraudulently acquiring U.S. passports, smuggling, transporting, or harboring an unlawful alien, fraudulently acquiring entry documents, and unlawfully entering or remaining in the U.S.”

Gives you the warm an fuzzies, right? So, how many people are we talking about? Just last year, 23,883 federal criminals were introduced into our system. They're just the ones caught and prosecuted. Think about how much less safe our communities are with the incentive for this activity to take place currently. It’s the other side of the illegal immigration issue. Stolen ID’s, human trafficking, smuggling, etc. Plus, with more than a third of federal offenses now being comprised of these cases, imagine how much less burdened law enforcement and our court system would be without these criminals. Imagine how much safer our country and communities could be focusing their efforts elsewhere. If you want to reduce federal crime by a third, if you want safer communities, a safer country, get serious about the border and crack down on illegal immigration. If you want tens of thousands of smugglers, traffickers, etc., roaming our streets, listen to the Democrats. That’s who they’re aligned with on this issue.

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images



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