Student Pilot Flew Unconscious For 40 Minutes After Missing Breakfast

If you're a person who tends to pass out when their blood sugar is low it's extra important to eat breakfast before flying a plane alone.

A report recently surfaced from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) that confirmed that back in March, a sleep deprived student pilot was flying solo, and managed to fly unconscious for 40 minutes.

The trip was from Port Augusta Airport to Parafield Airport in Adelaide, and the pilot (who hasn't be identified) allegedly had a headache and put the aircraft on autopilot.

The pilot also didn't have breakfast before flying, only "a bottle of Gatorade, some water and a chocolate bar."

On the ground, air traffic controllers made numerous attempts to contact the pilot, which proved unsuccessful.

Another plane in the area got ahold of the trainee pilot, who then regained consciousness.

The second plane then escorted the student to safety at Parafield Airport.

The flight school (which has not been named) announced it would enact new policies to ensure pilots had enough rest and consumed sufficient meals before flights.

Photo by: Getty Images



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