Trump Takes First Steps Towards Canadian Drug Importation

One of Governor DeSantis’s priorities, the ability to import prescription drugs from Canada, became as much of a reality during the state session as it could without the federal government. During the session, legislators passed legislation paving the path for Florida’s pharmacies to be able to accept and fill imported Canadian drugs. Of course, there’s a lot that stands between Canada and Florida, starting with our northern border. That’s where the feds come into play. 

Under the 2004 Medicare Expansion Act, the ability for Canadian imports was approved by Congress and President Bush. The caveat was that federal regulators would have to say it’s safe. In the 15 or so years since that law passed the drug lobby has been successful in keeping regulators from taking that next step. That may be about to come to an end. Governor DeSantis has indicated that he discussed making this happen for Floridians with President Trump and that the President was warm to the idea. On Monday, President Trump put his thoughts into action.

Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar, was directed to work with Governor DeSantis on an import plan. A 45-minute meeting between Alex and Ron has already taken place. During the meeting, Governor DeSantis provided the bill Florida just passed to the HHS Secretary for him to review and discuss details of beginning the program for Floridians. The law takes effect for Florida July 1st. The goal is to have the feds on board by then. 

Photo by: George Frey/Getty Images



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