The Good Stuff: Medical Marijuana In Florida

Status Check – Medical Marijuana in Florida

Bottom Line:April turned out to be the biggest month yet for the future of the medical marijuana industry in Florida. While most of the attention in Tallahassee focused on pending legislation during the state session, licenses issued by the state for growers increased by 57% and the smokable form of the product started selling across the state as well. That’s because during the legislative session it became the first law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis. As for the rest of the legislative session...the proposal that would have limited the THC in medical marijuana to 10% (less than half of the average currently in use), is still alive in the House but it looks to have stalled after the backlash against the limit began to resonate. Meanwhile, new legislation regulating industrial production of hemp statewide is advancing. Provided the THC cap doesn’t make it through the session it’d have been a huge month plus for advocates of medical marijuana statewide. We also have updated information on users. 

  • 214,000 users statewide with qualified ID cards
  • Florida’s adding about 3,000 new users per week in 2019

Governor Ron DeSantis was a strong advocate for the advancement of medical marijuana coming into office and his government has been delivering on those promises to this point. Next up... Edibles. Standby for news.


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