What Is May Day and Updates on Venezuela

Today is an official holiday in 66 countries. Once you know what May Day is and represents that’s a freighting insight into how many countries suffer under the tyranny of communism and socialism around the world. As an aside, if by chance you associate it with a maypole, you might not want to have your kids dance around with ribbons. That’s just weird – the maypole dance was a medieval pagan fertility ritual. Anyway – May Day is the communist and socialist holiday. Far from something worth celebrating.

The first May Day was celebrated in 1889 as “A day of annual demonstrations”according to The Great Soviet Encyclopedia. It’s definition at the time of its creation was this:"by mobilizing the working people in the struggle to build socialism and communism."

That’s May Day for you. Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Hitler, Castro, Mao, Maduro. According to the Cato Institute more than 100 million people have been killed by communist and socialist regimes since the incarnation of May Day. This day, the celebration of it, is arguably the darkest day of the year for what it represents. The ideology that’s destroyed so many lives all over the world and continues to, to this day. I don’t know if Juan Guaido’s intent was specifically to pick May Day as a new Independence Day for the Venezuelan people but that’s where my mind immediately went. It would be apropos if he begins to end socialism in his country on a day that brought about the repressive form of government. 

Here at home it’s alarming that socialism is on the rise, being fully embraced by the Democratic party. Ignorance is no excuse. Too many have died and too many continue to for ignorance to be an acceptable excuse. Free markets and capitalism have saved countless lives while communism and socialism have done just the opposite. Use today as a day to educate the ignorant around you and may God bless the Venezuelan people today.


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