How 8 "Bad Granpas" Pulled Off $20-Million Jewel Heist

The men aged between 52 and 73 at the time, robbed an estimated $20 million in jewels from an underground deposit facility in London.

It’s been reported that the men came up with the plan while drinking at a pub.They used a diamond-tipped drill and a copy of “Forensics for Dummies" to successfully burrowed into the safe on Easter weekend of 2015.

A new book,“The Last Job: The ‘Bad Grandpas’ and the Hatton Garden Heist” by Dan Bilesfsky tells the story of the robbery and where it went wrong -- eventually leading to the gang's capture and conviction.


Bilesfsky says “this represented a final hurrah.They were motivated by cash, but, at a time in life when many of their contemporaries lived in nursing homes, the excitement of a final heist got their hearts going.They felt that they had nothing to lose.There was a brazenness that was born of age.”

In took three years of planning to pull off the heist.They purchased a copy of "Forensics for Dummies" to read up on DNA testing techniques and a $5,200 drill to penetrate the vault's reinforced concrete wall. The crew watched YouTube videos to learn how to use the drill and reportedly practiced in the plumbing shop of one of its members.

The ring-leader was 73-year-old Brian “The Guv’nor” Reader.The team included: Michael “Basil” Seed, 54; getaway driver John “Kenny” Collins, 74; “extra pairs of hands” Carl Wood, 58, and Terry Perkins, 66. After the heist, they enlisted William "Billy the Fish" Lincoln, 59, who helped them hide the stolen items.

The men were eventually caught due to the wide network of surveillance in London, and that one of The Firm members, Collins, drove his Mercedez-Benz to the crime scene, which is registered in his name, to act as the look-out.

Police bugged the men's cars and overheard them bragging about their crime while trash-talking each other. About six weeks later, the men met to discuss how they were going to split up all of their goods at Perkins' daughter's house. It was there that police broke down the door and arrested all who were in attendance at the meeting.

The men all pleaded guilty -- and seven members received seven years in prison for the heist. Doyle, however, received a suspended sentence.

Here the report about the heist from a couple of years ago:



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