Florida Is The #1 Destination In The Country

The weather, the beaches, a great economy, and low taxes, what's not to love here? Aside from the traffic and at times local politics, there aren’t any secrets here. There haven’t been in decades. The difference is that people are flocking to Florida faster than ever before. The Census is out with their migration report from the past year and Florida gained record numbers of new citizens from out-of-state. We've gained 567,000 people from other states. That’s 1,553 people per day if you’re keeping track. Pretty incredible.

Here’s another way of looking at it. There are 573,000 residents of Wyoming. Florida essentially imported Wyoming. So, where are they coming from? As though that's a real question, number one New York, two Georgia and rounding off the top three is Texas.

There were 447,000 Floridians that moved out-of-state last year as well but that still left us with a net 120,000 additional overall residents or an average of about 330 new Floridians per day. 

All told just over 10% of all Americans relocated from one state to another last year, with Florida disproportionately gaining the most. We’re the third most populous state already and gaining rapidly daily. Florida remains aspirational and generally wonderful, while the northeast remains highly taxed and increasingly less desirable. It’s unlikely the trend will change anytime soon.

Photo by: Don Arnold/Getty Images

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