Kraft Attorneys Argue Over Videos

The detective who led the investigation into illegal sexual activity at a Jupiter day spa says it was easy to learn about what was really going on at the Orchids of Asia. Andrew Sharp said, "I did a Google search and found numerous reviews that labeled the business as a quote - rub and tug"

Patriots owner Robert Kraft was one of 25 people arrested for solicitation and his lawyers are fighting the release of hidden camera footage. Detective Andrew Sharp testified that they staked out the spa for weeks before getting a court order to install surveillance cameras.

The legal fight continues in a Palm Beach County courtroom where lawyers are arguing over the release of surveillance videos showing Patriots owner Robert Kraft in a day spa. Prosecutors say Robert Kraft is making an absurd legal claim. "That he actually had a legally recognized expectation of privacy when he was in the spa paying for sex from the prostitutes inside the spa," said Greg Kridos.

Lawyers for the NFL team owner say police never should have installed hidden cameras inside the spa based on affidavits from an inexperienced detective.

Kraft is refusing to take a plea deal on two counts of solicitation.

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