Bernie Sanders Wants Convicts To Have Voting Rights

The current state of the Democratic party speaks volumes. A potential front-runner candidate is seriously running on allowing felons to vote. It also says a lot about our educational establishment. The very notion is literally anti-American. As in anti-American governance. 

As I occasionally point out, the biggest difference with our system of government compared with governments representing over 80% of the world’s population, is that we’re born free. Rather than having governments grant us rights, we’re free and our constitution allows for us to use our freedom as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. I.E. Freedom of speech as long as that speech doesn’t actually cause harm to someone. So back to Bernie Sanders and the concept of felons voting. 

The very reason someone is behind bars is because they used their freedom to cause harm to others. By granting that individual the right to vote, even if they’ve denied others the ability to do so, like murdering someone, for example, we're literally granting a voice and freedom to the only group of Americans our constitution was set up to prevent from having one. Thus, literally anti-American.

Practically, I don’t think Bernie Sanders will be successful with this message or making this policy change under any circumstance. I perceive it as pandering to a perceived constituency in the Democratic primary. That’s beside the point for me. However, the most troubling part is that I don’t hear anyone making this argument. The constitution alone I just brought you. Our country is now so woefully ignorant regarding our constitutional rights, that next to no one has the proper perspective. It isn’t an issue that’s a matter of whether we should consider it or not as policy. It’s patently anti-American.

Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

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