New Developments in Take-Down of Broward Teen

There are several updates involving the case of a 15-year-old boy who was involved in a violent take-down by Broward deputies.

First, the State Attorney's Office decided to drop charges that had been filed against Lucca Rolle.

The decision was announced just hours after Rolle, his lawyer, and his family met with prosecutors.

And while the charges against the teen have been dismissed, prosecutors said they're still reviewing the deputies' conduct and could bring charges against them.

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony announced that he is suspending the two deputies who were involved in last week's rough take-down.

Deputy Christopher Krickovich and Sergeant Greg LaCerra were placed on restricted assignment a day after the arrest, but the sheriff announced that he's changed their status to "suspended."

The NAACP is expected to hold a press conference outside the Broward Sheriff's Office on Thursday.

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