Governor Signs His First Execution Order

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed his first death warrant. Rapist and serial killer Robert Long is now scheduled to be executed May 23rd. Long was captured in 1984 for killing at least ten women in the Tampa area. He was sentenced to death in 1985, and has been waiting on death row for almost 34 years.

At 65, Long is one of the longest serving inmates on death row.

He was tried and convicted for the murder of Michelle Denise Simms, 22, her body was found in a wooded area near Plant City, Florida in May '84. He later confessed to 7 other murders of women who worked as prostitutes and exotic dancers in the Tampa area.

Long was caught after kidnapping Lisa McVey, 17, while riding a bike and let her go after she persuaded him. McVey now works as a deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office; a TV movie was also made about her abduction.

Reason behind his long stay on death row was partly due to appeals and a delay from an overturn of his death sentence in another case. He has repeatedly tried to change his sentence to life in prison.

There are more than 300 other condemned killers on Florida's Death Row awaiting execution. Governor Scott signed a record 28 executions while in office.

To see the full and signed death warrant click here.

Photo by: Getty Images

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