Easter Bunny Jumps Into Florida Street Fight Between Man And Woman

A man and a woman were brawling on the streets of downtown Orlando, Florida on Easter Sunday when a man dressed as the Easter Bunny joined in the fight. A since-deleted video shared on Instagram by a bystander showed the man and the woman exchanging blows as they wrestled on the sidewalk outside of the Underground Public House.

As the man appeared to be gaining the upper hand in the fight, the Easter Bunny jumped in and started throwing punches to the man's head. While the three continued to fight, an Orlando police officer who was on patrol ran over and broke up the scuffle.

As the officer was talking to the two people involved in the original fight, the Easter Bunny was hopping around like a boxer getting ready to step into the ring.

"The cops broke them up, they shook the hand of the guy in the bunny suit and let him go," Josh Manes, the night manager at the Underground Public House, told NBC News. "He was just partying, enjoying his Easter Sunday."

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